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Illumination Chords

Mr. Weller also uses a little 'sus' action on both the E and the D chords. He also traps 
top E with the thumb on the D part. Listen to the song for more details and strumming pattern.

Em / D Intro

Verse 1.

Em                    D
I close my eyes - but sleep won't come
You're in my waking dreams
       D             Bm          F#m
It's a feeling right inside of me
Em                     D
'til you're in my arms again

Verse 2.
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Em                              D
the prayer I ask - is where I'm going to
without your undying love
       D              Bm            F#m
I'm as worthless as a cold, cold sun
Em                          D
that shines for no-one - at all

Verse 3./Kind of a middle 8.

Em                      D
how many times - must I return
Em                            D
from distant oceans - just to learn
that with your song
Bm           F#m
illumination comes

Verse 4.

I close my eyes
and I hear no-one
I'm in a moving film
it's black and white
    Bm       F#m
and beautiful
Em                   D
and it has no end to write...

Em / D Outro