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Suicide Chords

this masterpiece, surprisingly enough is unreleased. it was recorded for "One Hand
Clapping", the unreleased documentary about PM & Wings and it was recorded in 1974 in
demo form for Frank Sinatra. A short version was also recorded during the "Get Back"
sessions. A snippet is availible on "McCartney" under the title "Glasses" and a version
is availible on the unreleased DVD and on the bootleg album "Good Times Comin'" did i
miss anything? anyway...

Paul McCartney


C                  Em
Girls it's been my pleasure
   G            Dm7    C
To know quite a lot of you
And in the main 
You're pretty sane, it's true
But there are a few who do
The duty to do too beautiful a job
   Dm7                   C
It isn't quite what they planned
    Dm7                C
The man gets the upper hand
     Dm7              C
He's takin' her for a ride
Dm7           C
I call it... Suicide

(VERSE 1):
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   C        Dm7      Em
If when she tries to run away
       G                   C
And he calls her back, she comes
C            Dm7        Em
If there's a next time, he's ok
            G              C
Cause she's under both his thumbs
Em              Dm7
She limps along to his side
Singing a song of ruined life


C                  Dm7
Daddy says nothin' doin'
Dm7  C
  G           C        
I call it... Suicide

(VERSE 2):

C            Dm7     Em
She loves to ride in big parades
       G               C
But he wouldn't so she won't
C            Dm7     Em
She needs at least a dozen lays
       G              C
But if he says no she don't
Em            Dm7
He wishes she knew his sign
Soon there'll be trouble brewin' ah---



C  Em    Dm7      G
Suicide, she's commitin' it
C  Em    Dm7      G
Suicide, he's not gettin' it
C  Em    Dm7    G          C
Suicide, it's a quittin' a day


Em              Dm7
She limps along to his side
Singing a song of ruined life