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So Glad To See You Here Chords

Intro:[A  C] x2

 A                      C
Someone's got a home tonight,
 A                      C
someone's got a road tonight.
Dm                   C
Someone's got a wed, action will be red.
Why do you wanna worry?
 E                          C    Dm   A
Oh, you're gonna knock 'em dead. Oh  yeah.

Someone's got a show tonight,
someone's gotta go tonight.
Someone's doing rhyme, someone turn your mind.
Someone to lift your eyes up
leanin' toward the light.
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 G          F
So glad to see you here, 
 G                 F
so glad you could come. (Yeah!)
 G          F
So glad to see you here.
       G  G# Am               A
Carry on.    Carry on. Yeah, yeah!

Oh, we're going up tonight.
Well in time to make a flight.
The airplane's standing on the runway,
Engine nervously waiting for something to bite. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Got to roll tonight,
you got to roll tonight.
Some have got it bad, some have got to do it,
You got it better, and there's nothing to it. Eh, yeah, no, no, no, no.

So Glad To See You Here,…

Someone's got a home tonigh….  [F  G  A]

F              G         A
 We’re open tonight for fun….  [x8]