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From Saint Kilda To Kings Cross Chords

I can't believe that no one has tabbed this yet!! It is really cool, Paul Kelly is an awesome artist.
It's pretty easy, just the basic chords of:


Verse 1:

           G                  Em                C      Am
From Saint Kilda to Kings Cross, is thirteen hours on a bus.

           G                  Em                C      Am
I press my face against the glass and watch the whitelines rushing past.

    C              D                G              Em        C  
And all around me felt like all inside me and my body left me, and 
my soul went running on.

Verse 2:

(Same chord patterns here) 
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Have you ever seen Kings Cross, when the rain is falling soft?  I came in on the evening bus,
from Oxford Street I cut across

And if the rain don't fall too hard, and everyting shines like a postcard, everything goes on,
just the same.


    G                           D
Fair weather friends are the hungriest friends.
    G                            Em
I keep my mouth well shut I cross their open hands.

(The same chord patterns for the last verse here aswell)

I want to see the sun go down, from Saint Kilda Esplanade.  Where the beach needs reconstruction, where
the palm trees have it hard.

(This is just the repeat of the middle section to finish)

I'd give you all of Sydnet Harbour, all that land and all that water, all for one sweet promenade.

Repeat and fade.

That's basically it, the strumming pattern is just down down up up down up, like usual,
and I hope that you like the song, and that someone else will tab some more of Paul Kelly's stuff!!