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Ride Forever Chords

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Ride Forever
composed by Paul Gross and David Keeley
performed by Paul Gross
From the CD "due South: Original Television Soundtrack" (Unforscene Music).

first transcribed to by John Manning

Updated by Russell Reading with pick and new chords.
(using John's words in the hard bits I couldn't get - Thanks to him for them!)

The pick at the beginning goes something like this.
Basically it's the Chord With the top e open, picked with a suitable bass note.

Play the pattern D D, G G D D A G for the 1st verse (or play it as a short intro then strum).

That Pick then....

    D	       D	G	      G               A


Note: You can also freely interchanged A and Am when playing this, see what sounds best to your ear..
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Well I was born up north of Great Slave, 1898,
and I rode near all my life on a ranch near Devil's Gate.
And I've seen this world about me bend and flip and change.
                  Am                        G
Hey it feels like rain -- that's a thundercloud.
Well I've been called a coward, but I've seen two World Wars.
And I lost my son Virgil, a Korean reward.
And my Lucy died last summer. You ask me if I cry,
                    Am                 G
Hell, I've shed tears: all over this ground,
        G                  A            D
they're falling from these blue Alberta skies.


D                   A
We're gonna ride forever,
Em                           G
You can't keep horsemen in a cage.
                  D                    Am
Should the angels call, well it's only then
We'll pull in the reins.

Now they tell me I'm an old man, they tell me I am blind.
They took my driver's license, this house ain't far behind.
I said "Jump back all you big suits, you got something wrong
               Am                G
'cause I ain't gone. No I ain't gone."
I am still breathing, and I still have my pride.
And I have my memories, your life it never dies.
Like the wind that blows in thunder, like the stallion on the fly
         Am                     G
I got it all, and I'm standing tall
G                Am           D
Underneath these blue Alberta skies.


So I say to all you old men: Don't let yourselves get broke.
If you think the world's gone crazy and it's scratching at your throat
it's time to dust off that old saddle and get it on a horse.
             A                           G
Kick up your spurs: we're gonna run like stink
            G                 A            D
We're gonna tear across these blue Alberta skies.