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Atmosphere On The Moon Chords

first two chords: A G
guitar intro: Bm7 E9

You know, some times I'm so fed up with things,
I wanna pack my bags and leave.
Leave the whole world behind,
Ain't comin' back any time soon.
But where am I supposed to go
When there ain't no air to breathe
And no one to talk to
On the moon?

           C#m7                               F#m7
So I'm asking all the children to quit wasting time
         Bm7            F#m7             DM7
With music that's been so auto-tuned
       DM7                                 A
And stand on the sholders of Galilei
       D     A         D  A          D
To learn how to fly up and fabricate
                                     A                 G
An atmosphere on the moon.

[ Tab from: ]
Now you may wonder, you may ask
Why is it that I want to steal
All the fun away
From the younger generation.
Well, you know I would do it all myself
'Cause it sounds like fun to me,
But I just don't seem to have
The imagination.


               D        A        N/C
(With an atmosphere) we can have the rain and flowers grow.
               D        A        N/C
(With an atmosphere) sun on the bright side, dark side and there's snow.
               D        A        N/C
(With an atmosphere) so much of land, spreading far and wide.
               D        A        N/C
(With an atmosphere) we'll make an ocean, and the earth can bring the tide.
Ha ha ha
(continues from here 1/2 step up, in Bb)


So why go through the trouble 
when we have everything we need right here.
Why not just stop fighting each other 
and live in peace.
Well we've been tryin' and tryin' and tryin'
for so many thousands of years.
But nothing seems to work, so I'm gonna live
on a big piece of cheese 


[Chorus] up another 1/2 step to B

The coda is the last four bars of the chorus repeated several times.