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Icicles Chords

Tab by Matt Morrow,

Capo IV

G:     000000
D:     X70070
C:     X50050
Cm:    X50040
C/G:   002010
Dsus2: XX0230

G     D     C    Cm     G    C/G    G    Dsus2

  G            D             C                  Cm
Tonight I sing soft and low, just like the moon over the snow

       G              C/G          G       Dsus2
I hear icicles falling in the dark, in the dark

           G    D                    C                    Cm
We're just like anyone else, we just want a little bit of sun for ourselves

      G                      C/G
And a little bit of rain, to make it all grow

        G                    C           D       G
Maybe a minute or two to get lost in the glow of love

C/G                             G               C/G                  G
There's always someone throwing matches around, waving the shiny new knife
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C/G                       G                      Dsus2                        C/G
The first to run when the house burns down, I've seen it every day of my li - ife

C/G                  G             C                      Cm
I must confess there appears to be way more darkness than light

        G                        C/G                     G                   Dsus2
I wanna fall like a pearl to the bottom of the sea where no one will find us tonight

G    D    C    Cm    G    C/G    G    Dsus2

  G              D                         C                  Cm
Tonight it might look pretty bad, we might lose everything we thought that we had

    G                  C/G                     G                     C/G
But shadows will pass, smoke it will clear, if something survives of us around here

        G                       C           D       G       D     C    Cm    G
I'll be glad cause I know I was lost in the glow of love