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Actually, her name is Patti Smith....
From the album "Wave" (1979)
Dunno if it's 100% correct, but it works fine for me.
Tabbed by JoanOfArc

A: X02220
E: 022100
C#m: 002120
Dmaj7: XX1222 or just XX0222

It's really easy, the whole song goes like this: ||: A | E | C#m | Dmaj7 :||
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A       E  C#m                Dmaj7
Hi hello wake from thy sleep
A            E               C#m    Dmaj7
God has given your soul to keep
A             E               C#m             Dmaj7
all of the power that burns in the flame
     A          E            C#m    Dmaj7
ignites the light in a single name