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The Great Escape Tab

Here's a tab a little more faithful to the original song, but for intermediate
players. (Sorry it's my first tab, so lines don't look straight sometimes!)

Capo on 1st fret (notes written as if capo was 0)
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    B                                                    F#
E ----------------------------|-------------------------|-----------------------------|
B --3-----3-----3-----3-------|--3-----3-----3-----3----|--1-----1-----1-----1--------|
G --3-----3-----3-----3-------|--3-----3-----3-----3----|--2-----2-----2-----2--------|
D -----3-----------3-----3----|--0--0-----2-----2--3--3-|-----3-----------3-----3-----|
A --1-------------------------|-------------------------|-----------3-----------------|
E -----------1----------------|-------------------------|-1-----------------1---------|

E ------------------------------|
B --1-----1----1------1---------|
G --2-----2----2------2---------|
D -----2----------2------2------|
A -----------3------------------|
E --0-----------------0---------|

This works throughout the song. For the parts where there's no singing (tu tu du du nu 
nu nu), first bar is repeated 4 times, then switch to bars 3 and 4.