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Mermaid Of Ontario Chords

My first post, so I welcome corrections!

capo on the first fret.

c			c
Oh the Mermaid of Ontario

c			g
Had long green stringy hair-io

c			f
And a seaweed gown to wear-io

g			c
But she had no one to marry-o

f 	g	c

Later verses are the same as first verse.

And the Mermaid of Ontario
Loved a big mouth bass named Larry-o
Who lived in lake St. Claire-io
Underneath the St. Claire ferry-o

f	g	c

So the Mermaid of Ontario
Sent a goldfish emissary-o
To ask that bass named Larry-o
If he would consent to marry-o

f	g	c

Oh no no no said Larry-o
My life I would not share-io

I'd rather play solitarie-io
Or read a book from the fish library-o

f	g	c (2x)

Or sit around in my underwear-io
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f	g	c (2x)

And before I'd marry you, I'd marry-o
A guernsey cow from the dairy-o
Or eat a poison berry-o
And wind up as a fish with dysentery-io

f	g	c

slower (strumming)

f	g	c (2x)

For the Mermaid of Ontario, it was more than she could bear-io
So she cried for a day and she swam away with a yuppy little guppy named Gary-o

f	g	c (2x)

Now their a happy pair-io
Cuz he's a millionaire-io
In his yacht neath Lake Ontario
They cuddled in a cozy little chair-io

f	g	c

And listened to his underwater stereo

f	g	c (2x)

And that big mouth bass named Larry-o
Did marry a cow from the dairy-o
And she fed him a poison berry-o
And he wound up in the fishes cemetary-o

f	g	c (2x)

And that's the whole scenario.