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Passenger - Caravan Chords

Verse 1: C G D G C G C x2

C                G      D            G
Pour the petrol can, around this caravan,
C               G                  C
and watch the flames take all you own.
C                      G                  
There’s a girl that understands
          D                G
like the back of her two hands,
C       G               C
she’s all you need to know.


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           D                       G                    C
Cause you search for years but you lose everything you find.
            D                          G              C
There’s braille for the deaf and a signpost for the blind,
           D                           G                   C
there’s heaven for the cruel but the devil waits for the kind.

Verse 2: C G D G C G C x2

           C                   G                  D           G
And you follow the blackbird home, through the early winter snow
C                  G                    C
Your footprints track you through the grass
          C                       G
And you ache just to smell her clothes
           D                 G
and her cooking down on the stove
C             G                   C
You see her face in everyone you pass


D        G                 C
And you walk down to her window
D            G                  C
press your face against the glass
D         G              C
only to find that she is happy in his arms