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I Think I Love You Chords

I'm [Dm] sleeping, and right in the middle of a 

[A] good-dream, When all at once I [C] wake-up, 

from something that keeps [G] knocking at my brain,
Be-[Bb]-fore I go insane I hold my [F] pillow to my head, 

And [C] spring-up in my bed, 

screaming [G] out the words I dread, I think I [D] love you!

This [Dm] morning, I woke up with this [A] feeling, 
I didn't know how to [C] deal with,  and so I just de-[G]-cided to myself 
I'd [Bb] hide it to myself and [F] never talk about it, 
And [C] did not go and shout it when you 

[G] walked into the room, I think I [D] love you! 

[CHORUS] I think I [G] love you so what am I so a-[D]-fraid of 
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I'm afraid that I'm not [A] sure of a love there is no [Bm] cure for 
I think I [A] love you isn't that what life is [D] made of
though it [E] worries me to say that I've [A] never felt this way

[Harpsichord solo]

I [D] don't know what I'm [G] up against, 

I [C] don't know what it's [F] all about
I [D] got so much to [G] think about, [A] Heeeeeeeey


Be-[Dm]-lieve me you really don't have to [A] worry 
I only wanna make you [C] happy and if you say hey [G] go away I will
But [Bb] I think better still I better [F] stay around and love you

Do you [C] think I have a case, let me [G] ask you to your face 

do you think you [D] love me?

I think I [G] love you, I think I [D] love you [REPEAT AD NAUSEUM]