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Date: Fri, 07 Jun 1996 08:02:33 -0600
From: Mike Brown 
Subject: Brown Eyes by The Partridge Family

B R O W N   E Y E S

             (Wes Farrell & Danny Janssen)

As performed on the Partridge Family's "Sound Magazine" album, which was released sometime in 
1971 during the show's second season.

Transcribed by: Mike Brown (

I don't think this was one of the more popular Partridge Family songs, but I just heard it this 
week for the first time and thought it was kind of cool.  And since there haven't been any 
Partridge Family songs posted as of yet, I thought I would take this opportunity to be the first 
person to post one.

You'll have to play this one with the capo on the third fret.  Below are the chords used in the 
song.  (The fret positions and chord names are given relative to the capo position.)

      C    C7   F*   Dm   G
E |---0----0----1----1----3---
B |---1----1----1----3----0---
G |---0----3----2----2----0---
D |---2----2----3----0----0---
A |---3----3----0----0----2---
E |---X----X----1----X----3---

* I play the F with my thumb on the low E string (over the neck).  You can do whatever you want.

C   C7   F    C7

C                   C7              F               C7
 Brown eyes, you're beautiful and...  you're all mi-ine
C         C7                 F            C7
 I wancha like you want me...  all the ti-ime
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       Dm                 G
 Don't say that you don't want me
       Dm           G
 Don't make me run awa-ay
          C         Dm
 'Cause I need that somethin'
 You bring every da-ay

C                   C7              F                  C7
 Brown eyes, you're beautiful and...  my song's for yo-ou
C             C7                          F             C7
 I wrote this song I'm that I'm singin'...  just for yo-ou

    Dm                  G
 If words could paint a picture
         Dm            G
 There'd be no more to sa-ay
         C                 Dm
 And I'd be-e the greatest painter
 [In] this whole world today

     C                      C7
 And know what I feel and I know that it's real
         F             C7
   and I feel it every da-ay
         C                C7
 And I'm not gonna lay no story on ya girl
         F                C7
   if my story wasn't the tru-uth

 'Cause you must know by no-ow
 I wrote this song for yo-o-ou

C                   C7              F               C7
 Brown eyes, you're beautiful and...  you're all mi-ine
C           C7                      F            C7
 I know you want me like I wancha...  all the ti-ime

        Dm                G
 And if you're not sure I love ya
 Dm                G
 Somethin' on your mi-ind? 
        C                  Dm
 Listen to-o this song I'm singin'
 I'll sing it one more ti-ime

 C              C7             F                  C7
 Bro--ow-ow-own eyes, you're beautiful and you're mine
 C              C7      F                C7
 Bro--ow-ow-own eyes, I love you all the time
 C     C7           F                    C
 Brown eyes, you're beautiful and you're mi-i-ine