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This song was taught to me by an elderly lady who learned it from
her mother when she was a child in the foothils of Virginia and
North Carolina. It is played slowly, not fast like a lot of bluegrass
artists like to play it. I do play a sped-up instrumental at the end

TITLE:    Will The Circle Be Unbroken (as transcribed from Leona Parsons)

G                   G7
I was standin, by my window
     C              G
one cold and rainy day

When I saw that, hearse come rollin
                D    G
for to take my mama away

Will the circle be unbroken
by and by lord by and by
There's a better home a waitin 
in the sky lord in the sky

And I followed close behind her
trying to hold up and be brave
but I could not hide my sorrow
when they laid her in that cold cold grave


Then we went home our home was lonely
for our mother she was gone
and we felt her spirit in every room
as through the house we did roam


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