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Sunbathing Animal Chords

One creature I return to, one habit I neglect
I cannot slow the pace at which I yearn
Frank and unabashed, I become a frozen servant
Smiling asking nothing in return
Fang-tooth woman foaming at the mouth as she addressed me
Not with moving lips, but with the rabid wild arresting
Words not yet intended to identify emotion
Scrawling bold and oblique in my head
I’ve hung out at your service jobs
I’ve watched you, waited and be ignored
Bled into the clatter as they sipped at what you poured
I cling to your perimeter as you float in their margins
Oblivious to being stung, there satellite becomes my son
I’ve flown into that trap before
When things have gotten dark
       F#                  Fb                              B
In the depths of strangers glances lies the most ferocious spark
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Most freedom is deceiving
If such a thing exists
When I was young I knew but didn’t care
Faces change and shape but represent the same old beast
I wanna flee but I can only stare
The sound a captive heart makes as it sizzles into vapor
The title hum of fondness like a spike-wave oscillator
The rabid UV grin that beckons me into approaching
Grasping as it recedes into space
Who greets me first when I arise
Who breaks into my half shut eyes
It’s in the blaze of your embrace where I feel more real and alive
The bosom of 1000 watts into my skin, into my guts
Running circles in my blood, howling like a (?)
     Fb                                               B
that broke me like the first time, so proud 'til he got caught
       F#          Fb                        B
In his brief emancipation he can feel what I cannot

There’s a patch of light that hits the floor I’ll often occupy
Stretch my arms and legs and close my eyes
I now can hear my pulse alone, this manic pace I cannot slow
I do not miss the child you stole
Frying and abiding, I’m in your control
Like a sunbathing animal
A sunbathing animal
A sunbathing animal
A sunbathing animal
A sunbathing animal
A sunbathing animal
A sunbathing animal
A sun

~end on B~