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Parokya Ni Edgar
Album: Buruguduystungudungstuy

Standard Tuning

INTRO: G C9 Em D (2x)

                 G                    C9
Some people love shoes of different kinds
                 Em                   D
Some people love afternoons or the way the moonshine
                 G                C9
Some people love sleepin' as I do to
                 Em                       D
That's why I asked myself what is it with you

[ Tab from: ]
                   C9                    D
Is there something wrong with the way I speak?
               C9              D    
You don't even see me when I'm passing on the street
              C9                D
Just poke my eyes until I can't see
          Em               C9              D     G    C9       Em    D
Because I just can't get, why you love to hate me      (love to hate me)

II STANZA: (Do the I STANZA Chords)
And when I wake up you're the first thing on my mind
Come to think of it everytime I'm dreaming of you
It takes a cold shower or maybe two
So that I can clear my head of its thoughts of you

CHORUS 2: (Do the CHORUS 1 Chords)
Is there something wrong with the way I speak?
Do you even see me when I pass you on the street
I'll close my eyes and just go to sleep
Even though in my dreams, you still love to hate me (love to hate me)

(Instrumental) G C9 Em D (2x)

        C9                 D
Call me crazy, I just don't care
        C9                        D
I'll never critic so you better beware
        C9                    D                    Em
I'm stuck to you like glue until you tell me it's alright 
     C9           D        G
To watch you ride until I die

(Instrumental 'til fade)