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Three Martini Lunch Chords

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	Three Martini Lunch by Graham Parker

Intro: A C#m D A C#m D c# b A A2 A
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	A Bm D A D A D E (twice)
chorus: A D E - A2 E - D A D E (twice)

		repeat 'til a half intro 

bridge: A E - A2 E - D A E A E D A E
		repeat all

A C#m E - A2 E - D A D E

Intro: ...

Note: Progressions begin with a high A chord and down to a low A chord.
      With the so-called "A2" chord is meant to be a A chord with the 2nd 
      string opened (b). The non-capital letters in the intro progresssion
      are single notes.
			Angelo Taibi