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A Change Is Gonna Come Chords

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I have transcribed this song of Sam Cooke (sorry for mistakes!)
as it's performed by Graham Parker in his concert "Live! Alone in
America". I hope to put in this archive other songs of this
finest english songwriter in the future and in the meantime ... 
enjoy it!
	Angelo Taibi


(capo on the 1st fret!)

I was born by the river in a little tent
Gm                       Dm
and just like this river I'll be running ever since
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     F                 Gm        A#          Am   
Rit: it's been a long, long time coming but I know
Dm                         F
change it's gonna come oooh yes it is

It's been too hard living but I'm afraid to die
Gm                            Dm
I don't know what's out there, there are only clouds

Rit: it's been a ...

Gm                       F
There was a time I will go to my brother
Gm                                      Dm
I say you brother (I say you brother) help me please
Gm                            F         
he turned me down and then I go to my mother (oh my mother)
A#                           C
I say you mother I'm down on my knee

There was a time when I thought
		      Gm		Dm
I would last too long somehow I was able to carry on

Rit: it's been a ... (three times)