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You Kill Me Chords

You kill Me
Artist: The Park

(A)   (C)(A)     (G)(E) x4
(A)   (C)    (A)    (E) x2

Verse 1:
    (A)           (C)        (A)         (E)
You took every____thing from me,
My  soul and my   dignity.
    Now it’s just plain to   see,
You never         cared about me. 

(A)   (C)(A)     (G)(E) x2

Verse 2:
    (A)           (C)        (A)         (E)
I   thought I was close to   you,
I   always      believed in  you.
I   put   all my  trust  in  you.
You said that you want_ed me to.

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(A) I love you, I want you.
(C) I love you, I need you.
(D) I love you, you hurt me.
(F) I love you, you kill me.

Filler (same as intro)

Verse 3:
You’ve thrown it all away.
There was nothing I could say.
You cheated and went away.
Didn’t care about my pain.

Verse 4:
I thought you made love to me.
But you were just fucking me.
Fuck you for messing with me.
Fuck you, because you couldn’t see.

Chorus x 2

(A)   (C)(A)     (G)(E) x4

Chorus x 2

(A) I love you, I hate you.
(C) I love you, I hate you.
(D) Don’t want you, don’t need you.
(F) Don’t want you, I hate you.

(A)(C)(D)(F) x4