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In The Mourning Tab

enjoy. I Do Not Own This Music. Credit Goes To Paramore and Their Label Company

Tabs: Capo on 3rd Fret
Verse x5
e|------------  x2  e|------------   x1 e|-------------------|  x4
B|-----1-----       B|-----0-----       B|----0--------------|
G|--0---0---        G|---0--0---        G|--0--0----  at 5th-|
D|------------      D|------------      D|-------------------|   time the
A|-3---------       A|-2---------       A|-------------------|  last part is
E|------------      E|------------      E|-2-----------------| played twice.
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Pre Chorus: 2x
e|----------------------                e|----------| x4
B|----1--------1-------1                B|-----0----|
G|--0--------0------0-  play the part   G|---0------|
D|---------------------  with the 0 on  D|----------|
A|----------------------    E 5x then   A|----------|
E|-3------2------0----                  E|-3--------|

Chorus: x2
e|--------- x2 e|----------------   e|-----2-------| x4
B|----1---     B|----0--------0-    B|---3--3------|
G|--0--0-      G|--0--0----0--0     G|-------------|
D|--------     D|----------------   D|-0-----------|
A|-3------     A|-2-------------    A|-------------|
E|--------     E|---------3------   E|-------------|

Repeat the Verse 2x but play last part in the second time only twice then:

Repeat song! Hope this helps!!