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A Christmas Gift Chords

Title      :	A Christmas Gift
Artist     :	Paraluman
Album      :	Sakto Sa Pasko

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Intro: Eb-Fm-Eb-A# 2x

 Eb     Bb     A#         Bb            Cm         Gm         A#  Bb  
If you sat beneath the Christmas tree, You'd surely add to the colors,

 Eb    Bb      A#        Bb        Cm   Gm       A# Bb       
But even if you were gift wrapped, I couldn't love you more


 Cm    A#(Ab)       Cm   A#(Ab)
This Holiday..This Holiday

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 Eb     Fm         Eb           A#   Eb    Fm     Eb     A# (Ab)
Hold me tight, you wonderful thing, And be my Christmas gift

  Cm        Gm             A#
That surely brightens up my day

   Eb        Bb     A#        Bb
You have to know that if I had you

  Cm        Gm        A#     Bb      Eb    Bb   A#   Bb
I'd have the gift, I'd most adore, Better than anythig

 Cm     Gm    A#     Bb
Better than anyone else,..

<>=---Repeat Refrain--=<>

<>=---Repeat Chorus--=<>

Adlib: Eb-Fm-Eb-A# 2x

<>=---Repeat Chorus 2x--=<>

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