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Something Real Chords

Very easy to play and good sounding song. Listen song to understand rhythm. You 
are welcome to make it better.
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Verse 1
   C5     Fm        Ab
Array of fortunate life
         C5                Fm                                  Ab
But could you live through the fight, no, you couldn't
C5                 Fm       Ab
All these years of sheltered emotion
        C5               Fm                     Ab
And al these years I've seen no devotion from you


Cm      Fm     Ab
I could offer honesty
                 Cm              Fm                       Ab
If everyday offered something real

Verse 2 the same chords as verse 1

Decay of fortune and might
But would you stand up and fight, no, you wouldn't
All these years without any notion
And all the years I've seen no devotion from you

Chorus 2 times