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Saviour Of The Broken Hearted Chords

Am             G      C
saviour of the broken heart
           F             G
you bring healing to the torn apart
Am              G         C
teach us how to live your call
           F                G
that our worship will bring love to all

F               G Am
with your word inside our heart
       G F           G  Am      G
your leading us to show your love
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C             G
king of hope, sacrificed your own life
Am            F
giving all a second chance
C                   G
break our hearts to see the need in this world
Am                  Em     G
king of hope your kingdom come

Am                 G        C
freedom comes from knowing you
       F                 G
our desire is for you to move
Am                   G       C
compassion rests within your bride
        F                 G
who are we to not have shined its light

Am   F   C   G

Am                      F
so this is our worship, to go where you lead
C                        G
to love without measure, to clothe and to feed
Am                     F
i love and adore you, my heasrts beating for you
C                    G
i take up the cost, to carry the lost

amazing song (: enjoy