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Walking Dead Bass Tab

Hi This is Jacoby Stasiuk
I got new tabs for ya !
This time is a bass tabs ; ]
Papa Roach - Walking Dead ! Very good rythm yo!

------------------------| this are notes for intro and verse
------------------------| ist kind of a "pulsing" rythm
7--10--3--2-------------| you gonna find it out ; ]

-------------------------|  You know this rythm for sure, but
-------------------------|  Three and zero notes are
-------------------------|  thouse notes with short
-3--0---7----------------|  breaks. and 7 is pulsing.
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Break/solo 1
------------------------| It's difficult to get right
------------------------| rythm in first shot, but its
-3--5--7----------------| pulsing like drums. Play it with drums.

Break/solo 2
------------------------| It's the same as first solo part,
------------------------| but you have add two more notes.

Last Chorus is played same as normal,
but you are not stopping the bass for
a sec. you play it straight all the
way till the end.

---------------------5--|  Figure out rythm
----7--3--0-----7--3----|  and play two times,
--7-----------7---------|  then play two times 7'th fret at C# low string(4'th)