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Close Ni Herbert Alonday Chords

Song By: Paolo Santos
Tabbed By: Herbert B. Alonday

Capo on 2nd Fret

Chord Listing:
|   EADGBE |
|	   |
|Am x02230 |
|Bm x24452 |
|Em x22000 |
|D  xx0232 |
|C9 x32033 |
|G  320033 |

Intro: Em-D-C9 2x

Verse 1
Em    D    C9
Nothing in life
           Em    D         C9 
Holds more power than your smile 
Em    D     C9
I can't describe it
     Em     D    C9 
Even harder to define 

C9              D        Em
Your breath, it soothes me 
C9             D      Em
Your smile, it moves me
           Am                D
Gotta move in, closer to you now. 
[ Tab from: ]
C9  G       D    Em 
Nothing can come between us
C9  G   D       Em  
Nothing can separate us
C9  G   D        Em       C9 
Nothing can ever break us apart 

(Single Strum)
         Am   Bm
Well, it only shows
       C9		  D
That nothing can keep us...

(Back to regular strumming pattern)
From getting... Close... 

Verse 2:
Em    D      C9
In a crowded room 
           Em    D     C9
Feels like being miles apart 
Em  D       C9
My eyes on you
                Em     D         C9 
Reflects what's deep inside my heart 


Adlib: Em-D-C9 2x

(Pre Chorus But Single Strum or Plucking Per Chord except "D")
(Chorus 2x)

        Am       Bm
Well it goes to show
     C9 		  D
That nothing could keep us

From getting close    4x

Em-D-C9 4x

dedicated to my all friends in sta. ana ave.
my batches apiong, takyo, lusi, timoy, and pogi
my gf christian jane
my parents