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Were So Starving Tab

This is my first tab, I'm a total novice, but I loved the sound of this song so I tried 
out and figured out the tab for the intro. It's also played as the solo. It doesn't 
like it's a chord until later on in the song.
This IS the rough version, so it may change on the actual album version.
Any questions, my e-mail is

Also, if anyone could put up the chords for the song, that'd be great! Let me know!
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/ = slide up
\ = slide down

e |-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
b |-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
g |-------------10------------------10-----------12-13-10-8-7/8\7-------10--|
d |-10-8-7-8-10----7----10-8-7-8-10----7----6-10------------------8-7-------|
a |-------------------------------------------------------------------8-----|
e |-------------------------------------------------------------------------|