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D 	Am 	C 	G

		D	            G		       D
did you like the cake? Oh, some of it was nice
D					                    G		                   A
i have made a cake like that one in my own home once or twice
D				                   G		       A
just as fine as that one which we had some of today
D	 	     Am             C		 	   G
none of it was wonderful much morely o.k.
D		Am		C	G
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	D			                G		      D
Then you can make another if you know what is wrong
	D			          G		           A
but i am too distracted from fighting all day long
	D			             G		                    A
but i will help you do it i will come and meet you here
D	            Am		          C		G
when may I then find you on this corner of the stair
	D	Am		C		G

	D			   G	            D
into her head a figure six o' clock exact
	D			                G		        A
and if she didn't come then it would've been no fact
	D			            G		             A
for truth is of the moment the believer is to blame
	D 	            Am		         C 		                 G	
if some off-handed statement brings thoughtfulness and shame