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Pain Of Salvation --Sisters From the Album Road Salt One.

A#           C         Dm          F
When all are dizzy and happy from too much wine
  A#        C     F
I leave the party behind
   A# C             D                 F
To be alone with my thoughts and this spinning mind
A#           C
Through this cold night
But there she stands

        D          C
And she walks like you
        D             C
And she smiles almost like you
A#             C              D
A child of the wild just like you
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A#    C        Dm            F
For a second I think I get a glimpse
A#     C         Dm
Of the real her, behind
      A#       C
She's warm and fragile
     Dm          F
With smiles that reach to her eyes
    A#        C
But just this moment
A change so sublime

       Dm             C
If she looked me deep into my eyes
And softly asked me too
C      Dm             C
I'd be in her bed and in her flesh
And waste a life I knew

     Dm                 C
So I hold my breath and close my eyes
And focus on the wine
A#  C    Dm               C
Let this trembling moment pass us by
A#         C   Dm
So I could say goodnight

By Ienem