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Sweet Suburban Sky Tab

Sweet Suburban Sky
By Paddy Casey

Tabbed By Paul Raftery

I looked everywhere for this, and found it nowhere, so i decided to tab it out.

Key of Bb 

Chords in relation to Capo on 3rd
Em D G
Am G D
G  D Em

This is just a ROUGH guide, he actually plays it a little different each time around,
(and i cant be bothered typing that up) leaving out the bracketed notes,
different plucking rythm, etc. The general gist of it is here though.

Capo 3

g ----------------------------------]---------------------------------------
D ------------------------(3)-------]---------------------------------------
F ----------------------------------]---------------------------------------
C ----------------------------------]---------------------------------------
G --0----0-------2----2--------3----]--3-----3-----3--3----3-----3-----3----

g ---------------------------------------------------------
D -(5)--(5)-------------(3)----------0------------0--------
F ---------------------------------------------------------
C ---------------------------------------------------------
G --5-------5-------3--------3----2-------2----2--------2--
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g -----------------------------------------------------
D -----3-----------3-----------------------------------
F --------------------------------2------2-------2-----
C -------------------------------2----0h2-----0h2------
G --3------3----2------2------0-------0-------0--------


1 Sweet suburban sky, 
2 gonna miss you if you burn now,
3 Curse you, when it's our turn, 

1 so come now wash your face, 
2 Well in water's full of grace yeah, 
3 'cause only time will tell,

1 When you'll be willing to sell, 
2 your body for one precious taste, (pitch up)
3 then all is left to waste,

1 Sweet suburban sky........

1 Doctor feels the pain, 
2 well that caused the sickening rain yea,
3 But you continue to compromise, 

1 there won't be no alibis, 
2 When there's no water to wash the burning sun, (pitch up)
3 from your eyes,

1 Sweet suburban sky......

1 So when you finally taste, 
2 well all of the waste yeah now,
3 Sign of the time, 

1 you won't even call it a crime, 
2 The water's coming round again, (pitch up)
3 maybe you'll be gone by then

1 But they won't thank our generation, 
2 well For the ignorant inclination, 
3 cause when there's nowhere left to hide, 

1 maybe then they'll call it genocide..

*insert usual disclaimer here*
in other words, Dont use this for anything an artist would get pissed off about :)