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Artist: Ozzy Ozbourne
Song: Goodbye to romance
>From the album: Blizzard of Ozz
Words and music by: Ozzy
Transcribed by: Christian Dyhre   krille@vomitsquad.pp.se
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[D]Yesterday has [D/C#]been and gone
To[G/B]morrow will I [A]find the sun or [G]will it rain [A]
[D]Everybody's [D/C#]having fun ex[G/H]cept me
I'm the [A]lonely one
I [G]live in shame [A]


I said [D]Good[D/C#]bye to [G/B]romance, [A]
[G] Goodbye to [A]friends, I tell you
[D]Good[D/C#]bye to [G/B]all the [A]past
[G] I guess that we'll [A]meet, we'll meet in the [D]end

I've been the King, I've been the clown,
Still broken wings can't hold me down
I'm free again
The jester with the broken crown
It won't be me this time around to love in vain


And I [G]feel the time is right although I [A]know
That you just might say to me
[D]What ya [G/B]gonna [A]do
[D]What ya [G/B]gonna [A]do

'Cause I have to take this chance
Goodbye to friends and to romance
And to all of you
And to all of you



And the weathers lookin' fine and I think the sun
will shine again,
And I feel I've cleared my mind all the past is left behind again