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Not Like Jordan Chords

Intro:  Em C G Am - Em C G C

I´m getting near my destination
 C             G
A slow train crawl
Like a fool i nearly mist the station
C	        G
It´s grown so small
Not betting on a easy landing
C           G
Out of the blue

  G                            D              C        G
These shuttered houses and a clock still standing at 1962
  G              Em (D) C                G
Waiting on the ferry, tickets in their hand
  G                     D                    Am
Good people that were never out of sight of land
                 Em (D) C                G
Waiting for the ferry, ticket in their hand
G                      D                  Am
Good people that you knew would never understand 
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	   C      G
And we´re all on board
  C                   G
It´s not very far to ride
       C                 G
Your river is not like Jordan
We´ll meet on the other side

Em C G Am - Em C G C

A stone church where lovers lingered 
 C            G
In years gone by
The hand of god still points a finger
  C         G
Across the sky
A stony road to no salvation
 C            D
Who sheads a tear
 G                             D             C
I think that both of us were looking for a short cut out of


 Em                                      D
Could´ve brought you whiskey, could´ve brought you wine
     C                           Am          D      End with - Am
The only thing i can´t bring is time, time, time