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Nightswim Chords

Some fresh ass beats from dat qt 3.14 Owl Eyes.
don't h8 me if the lyrics are wrong, you can't find them anywhere.

Verse 1

Am           G
Saw you in a bathing suit
Am               G
Your arms arched high
Am                       G
While I'm swimming on the outskirts
F                              G
Hoping you won't take your time

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/o/owl_eyes/nightswim_crd.html ]
C           G                   Am        F
Night swim, I'm waiting for you, jump in
It's colder when you're out there
G                       Am          F
It's all waiting on the first step

Verse 2

Am                       G
Count the seconds in the days
Am                      G
Passed the hours back in time
Am                G
Holding out on my front porch
F                    G
Just for you to ride around



C                G
Take my hand and speak to me
         Am                           F
Say 'this night swim will last for an eternity'

Chorus x3