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Rugs From Me To You Chords

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			     Rugs From Me To You - Owl City
Tabbed by: Blubbernugget1

Tuning: Standard

   C           G               Am        F
Tope or not to pay that is the question 

               C                     G                           F
It refused to stay as it all turned grey Oh William Shakespear's receeding 


Am                 G            C             F   
Please Excuse the pun It's hair today, gone tomorrow
         C                 G                 F        C
So be thankful for what precious locks you have

 C              G               Am         F
Toupe or not to pay that is the question
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  C                          G            F                  G
And by the way I just gotta say thank the Lord I'm not going bald

Am             G                C                F  
And if I may quip, my curls and I, are just like heaven

F                     G                     C
Cause rest assured, there'll be no parting there

(Am)                            G          C                  F
But should my head get bare like Friar Tuck heart chased a swallow

            C             G                    D
It makes me smile Cause I know just what I'd do

 F                         G
Yeah, If I had more wigs than I knew what to do with

F                G         C                        F
I'd open up a secondhand store and if you ever went bald

G                                       C
You'd recall it cause I'd cleverly call it
  C              G         F      C
"Rugs From Me to You"