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Sam's Place
Buck Owens, Red Simpson
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          G                             D
There's a place down the street we call Sam's Place.
It starts a-jumpin' every evening when the sun goes down.
You can always find me down at Sam's Place,
For that's where the gang all hangs around.

There's ol' Shimmy Shakin' Tina
She hails from Pasadena.
    D                             G
She always got a big smile on her face.
        D                            G                   G7
There's Hootch-y-kootchy Hattie, she comes from Cincinnati,
              C        D7             G
Yeah, there's always a party at Sam's Place.

Well, they've got a swingin' band down at Sam's Place.
You can hear 'em pickin' twenty blocks away.
They're playin' country music down at Sam's Place,
From the setting sun until the break of day.

G7       C           D7            G
And I'll meet you tonight at Sam's Place.