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Snow Angel Chords

Okay, This is my first one, so If you think its a little rough around the edges, please comment!

C                      Em
Once upon a Winter

E                               G
It seems so long ago

C                             Em
My one and only love and I

 A                      D
Fell Down upon the snow.

(Basically, thats the chord structure, it only changes during the chorus.)

And as the dusk was falling,
from our gray and goose-down sky,
We heard the old cathedral bells
ring out our lullaby

C                       Em
Snow angel, Snow Angel

E                               G
Someday I gonna Fly

C                                       Em
This cold and broken heart of mine
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A                            D
Will One day wave goodbye

C                               Em
Goodbye to this cruel wicked world

E                                     G
And all the tears iv'e cried

C                     Em
Snow angel, snow angel

      E         D              G
I'll Meet You in the sky

The rumors of a distant war
Called my true love’s name
He packed his leather suitcase
And spoke no word of blame
We walked awhile together
I tried to hide my fear
He told me not to be afraid
And whispered in my ear


They brought my love home from the war
In a cart pulled by white mules
The Christmas bells rang out that day
Oblivious as fools

And as the snow began to fall
I kissed his frozen face
They told me in his woolen coat
His last few words were placed