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Long Lost Brother Chords

  E                                     Bsus2
I thought that we'd be further along by now
                G#sus4                   A
I can't remember how we stumbled to this place
I loved you like a long lost brother
     Bsus2                              G#sus4
ON a bad day maybe I thought why bother
I've seldom seen so much anger in a face

           E                   Bsus2
I wanna do better, I wanna try harder
        G#sus4              A
I wanna believe down to the letter
          E            Bsus2
Jesus and Mary can you carry us
            G#sus4                 A
Across this ocean into the arms of forgiveness
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I don't mean to laugh out loud
I'm trying to come clean trying to shed my doubt
G#sus4                                   A
Or maybe I should just keep my big mouth shut
More often than not when it comes to you
You want whatever's not in front of you
G#sus4                            A
Deep down I know this includes me too

(play thru chorus once again, this is where she does the la,la, la's)

So tell me your troubles let your pain rain down
I know my job, I've been around
G#sus4                                A
I invest in this mess, I'm a low cost dumping ground
Trouble is I'm so exausted
The plot, you see, I think I've lost it
G#sus4                                 A
I need the grace to find what can't be found


I put all of the chords over the correct words,but when I submited, it put them
Just listen to the song for the chord changes. This song is done on the piano, but it sounds
with my twelve string. I pick through the chords like I would if I were playing it on 
piano. I just really wanted to sing this amazing song! So here it is, Have fun!