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Like A Radio Chords

Dm   C   Dm
Ever since I spied you
         Bb         C
In the rooms of my mind
Now I can't deny you
 Dm            C         
Bleeding and bruised
           Bb       C
Like a vagabond in rags
                   Bb            C
I've walked the streets to your door
To find just what's in store

I see you
You and many others
In your clean well-lighted place
Where I would find disgrace
But I do
Know I'd find contentment
Just to be your furniture
I need nothing more
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        Gm           C
In the thick of the night
        Dm          Bb
Take me out of the cold
        Gm     C
Let me sing inside
Like a radio

In the thick of the night
Before we grow too old
Let me sing inside
Like a radio

Shivering and cold
This night's condusive
To a flight into my soul
But I stand here
Though my heart grows bold
Once on the inside
I can quietly persist
And hold my tears


And so still I wait
Though I grow much weaker
No, no, no, I will not faint
I'll stay true
Believe me when I say
I'd climb to heaven,
Crawl beneath the lowest hell
To stay near you