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Shell Collector Chords

Tabbed by : Colin Paloma

Chords used :
E               022100
A               002220
F# 1            044200
F# 2            044300
Ab (kind of)    066400
Bm7             021202

Okay, there's really only 3 chord progressions to learn. There's only one trick, and 
is they changed the intro progression for the live version. In the live version, they
start song with the chorus progression, and in the album version, they start with the
verse progression. By intro, I mean when Aaron is telling the story before they actually

Album intro progression :
E F#2 Bm7 E

Live intro progression :
E F#1 Ab F#1

Anyway, after that, the verses are the same...
E F#2 Bm7 E

Then when it goes into the "1, 2, 3, 4" (or Uno, dos, tres, cuatro on live ;-) ) you 
strumming through the count, and start into this progression :
E F#2 A E

Finally, once you finish the line "...even Clinton was rejected..." you start into this 
E F#1 Ab F#1 (the intro in the live version)

That's it. The verse after is the same the first, except there's a bit of a percussive 
here and there that you have to listen to the song to figure out.
As a note, there's a part between the chorus and next verse where they just strum the 
chords. During this part, when I'm playing I like to pick thru the bottom three strings 
this on each chord:

And finally, the lyrics with progressions:

Play the intro progression that you like, I personally like the live intro, but if you 
like telling the story, hey, by all means.
Live - E F#1 Ab F#1
Album - E F#2 Bm7 E

**** From here, start the verse progression ****
I love the ocean
I love that beach
I love the shells there
They're pretty neat
My name is Ned
I'm a shell collector
I'm 49 and I'm
Single too
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/o/oval_opus/shell_collector_crd.html ]
Down at the beach
They call me Crazy Ned
And everybody's always
Asking me what I do...(1,2,3,4)
**** After "...I do..." stop strumming, and pause thru the count ****

*** Start the first chorus progression here ****
If you wanna see the shells I just collected
You gotta let me see the sand castle you erected
When I make these trips they never go as expected
I wish they made a sunblock that kept my heart protected

I go to bed real early so in the morning I'm all rested
Even though it's dark I always get the shells collected
I wear an orange jacket so the light can be reflected
Sometimes at night it is so bright that even ships detect it

In the shell community I'm very well respected
They tell me if I ran for mayor I would be elected
Shell collecting is an art that has been neglected
Not everyone can get in, even Clinton was rejected

**** Start the second chorus progression which is the same as
the live intro ****
This world, this world
Is my home, my home
Ab             F#1
And I'm just a shell collector
This world, this world
Is my home, my home
Ab      F#1           F#1
And I'm just a shell, just shell collector
**** For the above line, only strum the F# chords once, and then mute
the strings immediately afterward to give a percussive kind of feeling.
Once the lyrics are done, start strumming again during the small break
between the chorus and the next verse. This is where I do that small
pick thru that I mentioned before. ****

**** The progression for this part is the same as the first verse, but
playing it is a bit difficult to explain. So you'll have to listen to
the song to get the pauses. ****
Collecting skeletons from the beach (boom, ba doom, ba doom, ba doom boom boom)
Washed a shore, and delivered straight to me
You know that shells are just like people
They need a home too
You just can't leave them lying there in the sand (that would be wrong)
They come in all shapes and sizes
Pretty colors too
And if you hold them to your ear
They'll tell you 'take me home with you' so


After this, you can pretty much do what you want. But for the most part, they just 
playing the chorus progression thru 'til they're done.