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Touch Chords

The Outsiders (Netherlands) - Touch

Tuning: Standard

d=down strum
u=up strum


 Gtr 1

     G/A    C/D    F/G    A#/C

E|--3-/-5---------1-/-3-----------|     x1 (then repeat over gtr 2 rhythm)

 Gtr 2

  G/A              C/D             F/G             A#/C

    d       d u d  d       d u d   d      d u d   d       d u d

 repeat over and over...

 then....    E/ E/ d/ ...repeat above.

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/o/outsiders/touch_crd.html ]
*The d/u/d fast strum part is crucial...listen to the song.
 This is basically the entire song repeated over and over.


G/A....repeat gtr 2

Well touch
Yeah I touched your hand
By accident
So touch
I didn't understand to touch you
But I touched her hand

E E d...

Yeah does she look at me
Oh I could see her eyes

back to gtr 2 pattern

Were just as I hoped
Just as I hoped they would be

I said touch baby
I didn't mean to touch you
But I didn't stop your hand
Well she looks so understanding
Try to look so recommanding and...


Arpeggio picking:  A d G C chords

She held mine so tight
We didn't speak a word
And stayed right by her side
That's how we spend the night
I held her hand in mine
Made me feel so fine down there

Well touch
I just touched her hand
By accident
I said touch
I didn't understand to touch you
But I touched your little hand

Yeah you look at me
That I could see your eyes
Were just as I hoped
As I hoped they would be

Well touch
I didn't mean to touch you
But I touched your hand
Well you were so understanding
I tried to look so recommanding and

I've been with her all night long
Sharing a feeling that grew strong
We found ourselves a love
That couldn't possibly go wrong
I still hold her hand in mine
And it still makes me feel so fine
As it was

*An easy song...fun to play though.
Thanks and enjoy!