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God Only Wants You Tab

Tabbed by Matt Torres 
(aeongrey81@comcast.net) on 10/31/02.

So far all I could really tab out was the intro, but from what I can tell...the
whole song is basically the intro in some form or another. I've tried to make
these as simple as I can...this is my firs tab that I've actually written out
myself. I figured it out by ear. It's in 3/4 time. And every 4 "spaces" on the
tab should be a beat and this: "|" indicates the end of a measure (3 beats). For
the most part the song is either fingerplucked or strummed. I apologize if this
looks confusing..... 

This isn't by any means meant to be taken as a complete tab....but if you've got
a good ear, you should be able to get the rest once you get the "feel" for
it...anyway, I hope it helps and without further ado..... 


The intro is basically based off the Dm and A chords

*******-Figure One-*******

Repeat 4x (finger plucking w/ thumb and index finger)

|----3-------|<--- I recommend you hold this fret down with your pinky, it makes switching to 
|--------2---| the next fingering a lot easier

(you'll notice that this is basically just a Dm chord being plucked)
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/o/ours/god_only_wants_you_tab.html ]
* note: at this point, the bass note changes to fret 3 of string 5. If you find
this transition hard, just hold the Dm fingering above with your pinky on string
2 instead of the usual ring finger...this makes it so you can easily move your
ring finger over to the new bass note.

*******-Figure Two-*******

Repeat 4x: 

|----3-------|<--- still the pinky

*******-Figure Three-******* 

Repeat 4x:

|----3-------|<--- still the pinky (why do i enjoy emphasizing this so much...who knows)
|1-----------|<--- at this point, you should have all fingers (but the pinky, duh) free.
|------------|     so use your index for this one.

*******-Figure Four-*******

This part is...well the best way to describe it is...to me it sounds "finger
strummed". I'm not going to tab out the strumming, but if you listen to an mp3 of
this song...you can probably figure it out. It's pretty much just an Asus
releasing into an A. Anyway, here are are the two chords in tab form:


Asus A 

At this point the rest of the song sounds like it is basically the same 4 figures
above, only strummed together rather than plucked (like in the part directly
above this paragraph). It sounds like there is some variation during the parts
where he's repeating "forever..forever...", etc. 

Anyway, feel free to use this and improve upon, and happy guitaring.