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Chapter 2 Money Tab

OURS - CHAPTER2 (money)

Tabbed by Matt Torres (aeongrey81@comcast.net)

**note: this tab is really more for just the acoustic part of this song. I
recommend finding an acoustic version of it to learn along with. If you need one,
email me and I'll try to get a good one to you. 


The intro to this song is, at its core, an Em strummed rather quickly with a
descending half-step pattern being played on string 2. 

This is difficult to illustrate, but just keep in mind that the song is in some
sort of 3/4 time. Meaning of course that the beat has a "1-2-3, 1-2-3" feel
rather than a "1-2-3-4" feel. If you're not sure what I mean by that....just
ignore that and go by ear. Basically, whay you'll see below is the intro divided
into 4 "measures". I'm not sure how to notate the strumming pattern or even
explain it. Just listen to the song (if you have an acoustic version, it is much
clearer). The important part to this is the "falling" pattern on the A string
from fret 3 to 2 to 1 to 0, then repeating. 

Repeat this as many times as you want before you start the verse (I forget how
many times he plays through this before starting the verse). 

B|3---------|2---------|1---------|0---------|<--I recommend using the pinky for frets 3 and 2,
G|0---------|0---------|0---------|0---------| then switching to index finger for fret 1.


I haven't exactly figured out the verse. That is, I can't get it to sound close
enough to the song to satisfy my ears. It seems to basically be alternating Am
and Em chords in some form. But in the acoustic version it sounds like Jimmy is
doing something fancy with the bass note....something extra....I can't figure it
out though. 

You win this time, Gnecco. 

But anyway, for those of you who don't read paragraphs: 

*Just alternate between Am and Em. 


This song has a 4-chord chorus. It goes as follows: (I'm tabbing out each chord
in case there are any you don't know)

The chords: 

Switching between these two can be made easier by just leaving your index finger
down on the B string and then moving
Your index and middle fingers to form the D7 around the index finger you left down.
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/o/ours/chapter_2_money_tab.html ]
I'm not very good at typing out lyrics with the chords up above them. I'll try to
make an updated tab sometime in which I show where to change chords in relation
to the lyrics. But I think if you like the song well enough to try to learn it on
guitar, you can probably sit down and listen to it and just hear where to change the chords. 


Ok, here's my favorite part of the song. It starts right after Jimmy
sings "Garbage....gaarrbaaaage". It's a very cool dramatic tension-building
bridge. The strumming pattern is pretty similar to the intro, but really you can
strum just about anything as long as it's fast (relatively speaking) and dramatic-
sounding. The concept behind it is that the low E string stays constantly open
while a dramatic "riff" is played on strings 4 and 5 (D & A respectively). Again,
you'll have to really listen to this part of the song to get a feel for how it
should be. Anyway, here are the 5 "patterns" that are played on the D & A strings
whilst the E string is kept open. I'll show all strings in the notation just to
keep things clear. I'll put some tips down for how I manage to pull this off
after I put down the fingerings, so stay tuned: 

E |0|..|0|..|0.|..|0.|..|0.|
B |0|..|0|..|0.|..|0.|..|0.|
G |0|..|0|..|0.|..|0.|..|0.|
D |3|..|5|..|9.|..|10|..|12|
A |5|..|7|..|10|..|12|..|14|
E |0|..|0|..|0.|..|0.|..|0.|

Ok, so there are the 5 fingerings that make up this bridge. As far as what
fingers to use, I personally use my index and ring finger (index finger on D
string, ring finger on A string) and slide them up and down as I go from
fingering to fingering. If this part seems hard, what I would recommend doing
first is not even worry about the strumming or rythm for a few minutes, place
your fingers in each position and see how each sounds in relation to the other.
It should be possible to go from one position to the next without having to lift
your fingers up (in fact, i highly recommend this, it sounds better). 

Anyway, once you think you're ready, the order of the fingerings is as follows:
1-->2-->3-->4-->5-->4-->3-->2, repeat. 

As to how long to strum each pattern...I don't know what to say. I know the
pattern, but it is difficult for me to try to explain without being able to
actually hum it or tap it out. It's a rather synchopated, fast pattern, but once
you figure it out, it is a BLAST to play around with. Actually....strum fingering
3 twice, then fingering 2 twice, then strum fingering 1 and let it ring out.
Sound like any other Ours songs? If not..just continue 


Intro ---> Verse ---> Chorus --> Verse--> Chorus --> Verse --> Bridge -->
--> Chorus --> Outro (Intro w/ Ending Lyrics)

Ok well, I hope this helps. Feel free to email me at aeongrey81@comcast.net
if you need any clarifications.