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Thief Chords

Band: Our Lady Peace
Album: Happiness is Not a Fish You Can Catch
Song Title: Thief

Interpreted chords by: Robbie Sidenberg  ;  From Toronto, Ontario

Ok, I'm a HUGE fan of Our Lady Peace, and I would have killed myself if I didn't commit myself to watch and tape them on Much Music Intimate and Interactive (what true OLP fan wouldn't?).  They happened to play this song amongst the many songs in their set, and I happened to catch the chords that Raine Maida himself played.  There's just ONE part that I'm kind of unsure about, and that's part of the bridge, but it sounds fine the way I figured out how to play it too.  So anyways, here's Thief.

The only chords really used throughout this entire song are: D, A, E, G, & F#(that's with an F# tuning: down one fret)  Besides the part of the bridge I'm not 100% sure of, there's only one more chord in the whole song besides those, but I don't know the name of it.(I do know how to play it though)



UNKNOWN CHORD: (will look like: "$")

D                       A       E           G
        I don't want to understand   this horror
D                 A               E     G
        There's a weight in your eyes  I can admit
D                 A         E       G
        Everybody ends up here in bottles
D               A                E           G
        But the nametags are the last thing you wanted
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/o/our_lady_peace/thief_crd.html ]
F#                           G                   F#
             As the world explodes  we fall into it
                        G               D    D   A    E
       But we can't let go because this will not go away

          G            A        G  D
There's a house  built out in space

    E              C                  D            G
But I can see that thief that lives inside of your head
    E             C              D             G
But I can be some courage at the side of your bed
    E                  C             D          G
And I can't see what's happening and I can't pretend
    E        C        C
But I can be your  be your

VERSE: (repeat same chords as first verse)
Someone help us understand who ordered
This disgusting arangement time in the end
I don't want to hear who walked on water
'cause the hallways are empty and the clocks tic

As the world implodes, we fall into it
And we can't go home because this 
Will not go away
There's a house built out in space


...D          G
...I can't pretend

        E                        G
It's a long long getaway  it's a long long getaway
        G                   G       D
Waiting home again  waiting home again
       E                          G
It's a long long getaway   it's a long long getaway


...D              G
...I can't pretend

    E         C        G                        $
but I can be your  be your (-sounds like-->{I'm in})
    E         C       G                         $
But I can be your be your (-sounds like--> {I'm in})
       E    E    E  EE
It's a long long getaway.