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Life Chords

Our Lady Peace, Life.
Tabbed by Iain Gardner, red_skittles_146@hotmail.com.
This Song is very repetative which makes it very easy to play. The only part that changes is the little 
fill in the middle of the song and the solo

Tune down a 1/2 step

Intro, Verses & Chorus:

D  A  Bm  A  G   D  G  A

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/o/our_lady_peace/life_crd.html ]
G   D   G   D   G   D  A


A   D   (just keep playing this I think)

End on a D chord

That is basically it. I will make up a better tablature after and submit is but for now this one should do. 
If anyone has any questions or corrections to the chords e-mail me at red_skittles_146@hotmail.com.
I have a lot more tabs also if anybody needs them.