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Is Anybody Home Chords

name: Beret Yansho

artist: Our Lady Peace

SongTitle: Is anybody home?

Tabs: Ok, this that new Our Lady Peace song, that really rocks.  Anyway 
it's pretty easy, just tune 1/2 step down, and play everything barred, 
the only two chords that should give you even moderate trouble are 
Dmaj7 (557675) and A/G (4775xx).  I didn't learn the solo because I usually 
just improve them and so does Our lady peace (and for those who don't 
know, the woo-ooo effect is done with a voice box)

F#m           D            C#m
Goodbye, the future's sold out
A         A/G   
There's no use screaming
F#m        D               C#m
Who thought we'd ever get this far

(bass slap muted)

(Same chords for the voice pedal part)
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/o/our_lady_peace/is_anybody_home_crd.html ]
F#m            D           C#m
Tonight, your faith has come down 
A           A/G
To money & a TV
F#m            D              C#m
Psychics who've never been to mars
      A         A/G
And nazis breast feeding 
F#m        D       C#m
I know you must be upset
A      A/G
I can't find meaning
F#m        D         
I'm sorry, we're sorry
C#m     A       A/G 
We're all scared, all scared 

A               Dmaj7
Hey is anybody home
               Bm               G
Has anybody wasted tears on the loneliness

That everyone becomes

F#m              D             C#m
Goodnight, the truth has come out 
A       A/G
Everyone's needy
F#m             D           C#m
White teeth, a ticket to meet god
A         A/G
Be all that you envy
F#m             D           C#m
The shotgun under your bed has
A        A/G
Started breathing
F#m          D       
You shot it, you shot it
C#m        A     A/G
I'm bare, I'm bare

(Same as before)
Hey, is anybody home
Has anybody painted fear
On the bedroom walls that save us from...

Keep it real, Yansho forever.