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Love Is Breathing Chords

Intro: A, D, A, E 

D                                                  A 
And what is this lightning? And what is this thundering? 
And what on earth has happened, that makes angels sing? 
D                                         A 
In all the confusion, I almost left the sheep, 
the town begins to pack, down the path from me. 
Another shepherd comes my way, I run to meet him.
E                                                    D
He strains to try and catch his breath, he's barely breathin. 
D                         E                          D
His voice is shaking and fading thin as he starts to speak, 
You won't believe what I've seen.


Love is breathing,
E                  D                      A
Hope is screaming tonight, In the baby's cry.
I held mercy,
E             D                        E
I saw grace inside, of this newborn's eyes.
     (E)                           D
And everything we know is about to change,
     E                         D                     A
He's laying in the stable in a manger, asleep on the hay.

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D                                         A 
He said go quickly, and I will watch the sheep,
But you have got to witness, all these mysteries.
D                                             A
I ran to the village, and when I reached the streets,
the keeper of the inn began to cry out to me
D                            E                       D
Have you heard this news he said, I just don't understand,
                             E                                      D
If had known that they were coming, I would have made room just for them.
                      E                          D
Until you realize in this small town what's happening
you won't believe what I've seen

Chorus (-LAST LINE)

                     D                              E
It was quiet at the stable, in the stillness of the night,
My heart was pounding in my chest as I peeked inside.
He's a young carpenter and she was just a little girl,
And terrified, and carrying, the fate of the whole world.
And then she looked me in the eyes, and held her arms out wide,
You won't believe what I see tonight

         D A E
Love is breathing (alleluia, alleluia, alleluia)
         D A E
Love is breathing (allelluia, alleluia)
love is breathing