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>{title:Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay}
>{subtitle:Otis Redding / Steve Cropper}
>[G]Sitting in the morning [B7]sun;
  G			    B
>I'll be [C]sitting when the evening [A]comes.
	  C   		      B   Bb  A
>[G]Watching the ships roll [B7]in
  G			     B
>And I [C]watch 'em roll away a[A]gain, yeah.
	C                B  Bb  A

>[G]Sitting on the dock of the [E]bay
  G				Em
>Watching the [G]tide roll aw[E]ay.
  	       G 	      Em
>I'm just [G]sitting on the dock of the [A]bay
            G				 A
>Wasting [G]time.    [E]
          G           E
>[G]Look [D7]like nothing's gonna change [G]
  G       D       C
>E[D7]verything [C]still remains the same [G]
  G       D       C
>I [D7]can't do what people tell [G]me to do.  [F]
  G       D       C
>So I guess I'll remain[D] the same.
F			D