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Gets Me Through Tab

Tabbed by Joel Estes
Artist Ozzy Osbourne
Song:  Gets Me Through
CD:  Back to Earth

This is just the intro...  i haven't gotten the new cd as of yet to 
tab the rest of it..  but as soon as i do i will..  the other intro 
that was tabbed was right somewhat..  but i have a change to add..

Tuning low to high (E A D G B E)
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/o/osbourne_ozzy/gets_me_through_tab.html ]

e-----------  |
B-----------  |
G----------- 0|
D-0h2------- 0|
A-----------  |
E-----------  |

Just repeat that and palm mute in the areas that sound like it needs it.
This intro is pretty easy.  It wasn't written by Zakk Wylde.  It was 
written by Tim Palmer.  Which pretty much explains how easy it is 
compared to the other Ozzy riffs.  Have fun with it..  later

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