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Right Hand Man Chords

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Date: Wed, 7 Feb 1996 21:24:16 -0500
From: Bryson Meunier 
Subject: TAB:"Right Hand Man" by Joan Osborne

        I didn't figure out all of this song...only the verse riff. It is an
integral part of the song though so that fact should keep this from being a
worthless post. I'm including the lyrics as well so that should help the
cause.         The verse riff should be fairly accurate because it's similar
if not identical to what the guitarist played on SNL. The transcription is
fairly general but just play it loosely to make up for any inaccuracies. The
positions should be correct though. Write me with any
comments,questions,corrections or additions at meunier.1@osu.edu   

 "Right Hand Man" (J.Osborne, E.Bazilian, R.Hyman, R.Chertoff, D.Van Vliet)

   From Joan Osborne's "Relish"(1995)
   Guitar parts performed on the album by Eric Bazilian
   Verse riff and lyrics transcribed by Bryson Meunier

   main riff(clean electric)-
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/o/osborne_joan/right_hand_man_crd.html ]
Repeat that riff throughout verse. There's a possibility that it might vary
slightly at certain points. Just play along with the rhythm and it should
sound fine. Even though I described the tone as clean electric, there may be
a slight reverb or some other effect. I'm not a musician so I really don't
know. It sounds fine clean though IMO. 


        Let me use your toothbrush
        Have you got a clean shirt
        My panties in a wad
        at the bottom of my purse
        I walk into the street
        The air's so cool
        I'm wired and I'm tired
        and I'm grinnin' like a fool

        I've been on the floor lookin' for a chair
        I've been on a chair lookin' for a couch
        I've been on a couch lookin' for a bed 
        lookin' for a bed lookin' for my my

        My right hand, my right hand man(7x)
        If he can't fix it I don't know who can
        (main riff)
        woo hoo
        aw yeah

        Sesame(?)a salesman
        The cops on the block
        They know what I've been doin'
        They see the way I walk
        I wonder what they'd say now
        I wonder what they'd do
        They feel somebody want them
        The way I'm wanting you



        use me up if you think you can
        (sax solo/verse riff)

        (chorus(extended variation))

        If he can't fix it gonna find a boy who can

Anyone who wants to post the chords for the bridge and chorus is more than
welcome. Have fun with it.