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Been looking for these chords for some time, got kinda frustreted by the fact no 
one uploaded them, So I extracted them myself instead of being lazy. so, here 
goes. pretty much accurate, figure riffs on your own. (I rock this song on the uke 
so no metal riffs)

Band: Orphaned Land
Album: All is One
Song: Brother (A plea of itzhak to Ishmael)
Tuning: Standard

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/o/orphaned_land/brother_crd.html ]
Am        Bm           Em       C
This story began before I was born 
Am         Bm           Em
A childless woman cried sadly at home 
Am          Bm    [ch]Bm/G[/ch]       D         C
Her maid gave birth to a child of her own 
Am           Bm             Em
My father felt joy yet he was torn 
Am          Bm           Em      C
A conflict began one day at dawn 
Am                  Bm              Em
The maid took your hand and you were gone 
Am            Bm       [ch]Bm/G[/ch]     D        C
To the desert you left, towards the unknown 
Am          Bm           Em
I reckon you were so alone 


Am         Bm           Em
God will hear you oh, my blood 
Am             Bm             Em
For the years you roamed in dirt and mud 
Am                Bm        D            G     
Forsaken like a nomad, deserted in the flood 
F       Bm          Em
Forgive me, brother 

You did nothing wrong and took all the shame 
I suffered myself, yet I am to blame 
The lord blessed us both, but we still fight and claim 
That kid on the mountain, - what was his name? 

Brother hear my plea tonight 
I grew tired from these endless years of (Our) fight 
From a tiny corner stone we may build our realm of light
Please hear me, brother