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Heaven Knows This Angel Has Flown Chords & Tabs

Orange And Lemons Chords & Tabs

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Heaven Knows This Angel Has Flown Chords

mga dude first na submit ko to..bguhan lng me pero i think tama tlga to..xnxia na bgong
kapa lng kc..eheheh.... para kay marey ramos villanueva,janet catalan,maylene regal,nikki
winona dado,carrie reotita sheryl reotita aahahhahahahaha...
cords sa verse
E 001220
A 002200
chords sa refrain
G#m 004660
A 056770
F#m 002440
E 001220

chord sa chorus
A 006770
G#m 004660
F#m 002440
E 001220
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E               A                      E                           A
there are times i lie in my bed hug my pillow and cry from this stupid gig
     E               A                          E               A
and my eyes are like windshields on a rainy day,i was drop don swelling...

di ko lam lyrics e

bsta e2 ung chords:
G#m--A---G#m--F#m--tpos E tpos pause

                  A          G#m
now this angel has flown away from me 
              F#m        E
leaving me in drunken misery

lalalaala di ko na alam bsta e2 ung chords



F#m                             Am
will she everfind her way back home to me....hhhaaaaaaaa

repeat na ulit
un lng...sori beginner plang hope u like it

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